"The systems you provided have transformed our business"

Terry from Captain Chicken

Pre-eminent experts in the franchising, corporate and hospitality support services. Our specialised range of services is a first for South Australia. Autuss (Formerly Food and Hospitality Solutions) business is based on long standing experience, expert knowledge and industry awareness.

Our Vision

To be recognised as pre-eminent experts in frachising, business development and hospitality support services.

Our Mission

Autuss (FHS) will be the number one choice for small to medium size business operators seeking a one stop shop for comprehensive business resource and support services.


Our specialised range of services is a FIRST for South Australia. Autuss's business is based on long standing experience, expert knowledge and industry awareness. Autuss's clients range from small to medium businesses, all of whom are participants in the food, hotel, restaurant and general hospitality sectors.

We regard the keynotes of any business as being:

  • its successful establishment and development
  • it winning and maintaining target markets
  • it achieving profit objectives
  • it possessing effective time and resource management
  • it having creativity and direction

We also appreciate and acknowledge the expertise held by our clients and Autuss therefore works closely with them to combine skills, resources, knowledge and contacts for superior business outcomes.

Core Values

Our aim is to facilitate greater business success and enhanced day to day operations for our clients.


to be seen as people who are open, direct, honest and treat all others with respect.

Innovation and creativity

to be continually challenging current practices, harnessing modern technology, seeking innovative solutions, and being sensible and astute in the management of risks.

Customer satisfaction

to display a passion for customers delivered through dependable on-time service, superior quality and partnerships built on excellence.


to adopt strategies that bring profitable & sustainable growth.

Workplace Teams

to provide a safe, open and participative work environment which inspires positive changes, rewards innovation and provides growth, dignity, security and opportunity to all employees


to be consistent and fair in the way we apply our policies and values. We accept community responsibilities and we communicate honestly with stakeholders.

Client Benefits

Range of Services Available

Autuss, with its broad band of industry expertise, can "fill the gaps" for businesses, allowing management to concentrate more intensely and effectively on their chosen areas of specialisation. As an example, a restaurant chain may possess excellent expertise in the provision of 'fast menu' services, but their ability to source and develop appropriate premises, suppliers, management and staff may be limited.

Problem Solving

A single contact point, an ongoing close working relationship with our staff and around the clock reliability are just a few of the benefits available when problems are encountered. We offer a time saving and carefully screened central source of specialist services, including human resources, real estate, marketing, accounting, legal, food storage and preparation, purchasing etc. Autuss takes responsibility for the appropriate selection of these services. Naturally, when a service has been accepted by our clients, they are able to deal directly with the service provider.

Creative Ideas

The Autuss network is also a "brains trust" for creativity and strategy. So often people closely involved in a business are highly knowledgeable in their own right but are too close to the operations to create the necessary horizons of thought. Autuss offers the best of both worlds as, although we have the expertise at industry level as well as market knowledge, we are far enough removed from our client's individual business to offer objective and refreshing vision and creativity.

"Autuss is committed to contribute to the success of your business"

Ability to Develop and Expand

Autuss's input can mean the difference between success and failure or total fulfillment and mediocrity for a business. Autuss turns concept and drawing-board ideas into reality. So many businesses and corporations have a vision of the future but their resources, knowledge and practices are limited. Autuss and our network of services can remedy these areas of limitation or uncertainty and provide not only the ideas but also the planning base and tangible resources such as investment funding and ongoing administration.